Tell us your story! How did you meet? How was the proposal? We met while working as camp counselors at a summer camp near Lexington, VA. Christopher and I were close friends for several years before becoming a couple. We were long distance for two years as I completed graduate school in Texas, then moved […]


When my husband and I got married in 2013, we had been dating for 5 years, and we were living in a city where we knew very few people. In the beginning, quality time together wasn’t difficult. We weren’t very connected to our community and had few commitments outside of work. Plus, we were so […]


As I sat down to write our Mother’s day blog post for this week, I struggled to find a true focus on what to share. I thought about sharing some of our favorite images of Mamas, helping their daughter with her dress, pinning on her son’s boutonniere, or witnessing her child take the greatest commitment vows […]


Buddy here- I’m so excited to finally announce… we are hosting our FIRST farm-to-table dinner at Big Spring!!      We’ve always loved the idea of hosting a locally sourced meal, served in the beauty of the natural landscape, which literally provided such a bountiful feast! Since moving our sustainable farm operation to Big Spring […]


Hey y’all, Mary Margaret here! Just the other day I read an article about why our kids can’t pay attention in school. Being a mom and a former teacher, there is no question as to why this article grabbed my attention. What stuck with me once I read the article was a little surprising though. Throughout […]


It’s crazy to think how the Lord brings people into our lives seemingly at random, that become so important to us. We have no idea how He may use an acquaintance today to shape our lives in the years to come! Anna and Ryan have been those friends for us. Jill and Anna met through our mutual […]

We're Buddy, Jill (Knox, Monroe, Scout, and Sunday) Powers, the owners of Big Spring Farm, and we could not feel more blessed to share our property with so many wonderful couples on one of the most special days of their lives!

Big Spring is the fruition of a dream that started on our own wedding day, in our backyard, at our first farm in the Shanendoah valley. After 11 years as wedding photographers (gah that makes us sound old), all the while running a sustainable livestock farm, we found that our deepest passions lie in caring for the land and celebrating the covenant of marriage. 

9 years ago we found Big Spring and moved our life here. It has been a complete joy to see it become a place where both farm life and beautiful bespoke events happen in harmony. Yes, the farm is our home, but in many ways it's home for all the couples that start the greatest chapter of their life here. We love seeing each unique event come to life at Big Spring and we love that our family gets to play a part in each couples story!


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Nick and Chloe's Classic May Wedding

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The first step to having a seamlessly stress-free wedding day is a great timeline! This guide will give you five tips *AND* two sample timelines to get you started. Cheers to an unforgettable wedding day! 



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