Tell us your story! How did you meet? How was the proposal? Chris and I met in Fairfax, Virginia in June of 2013. Chris was fairly new to the area- he had been here about a year prior to our meeting. I grew up in the area and was getting ready to begin Nursing school. […]


  How’s your phone usage going? You’re likely response? “Eh, not great!” I think we all know that we can do much better when it comes to how much time we spend on our phones. How many hours have we wasted? How many conversations have we missed? What beauty have we ignored? The truth is, […]


Over a month ago we hosted one of the most magical nights at the farm! Of course, nothing can compare to each exceptional wedding we host at Big Spring, but the Summer Supper was a night all in its own class. It was such a fun event and we’re so excited to share it with you […]


Tell us your story! How did you meet? How was the proposal? Our love story begins in the fall of 2009 at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Scott and I were in a Biology class together. Unbeknownst to me, Scott was eyeing me from the back of the room for most of the quarter. On […]


Hey, It’s Jill Powers and although I don’t write many blog posts, I’m SO excited to be a part of this one! Today, I’m honored to introduce you to my sweet parents, Mark and Vanessa Taylor who are about to celebrate 36 years of marriage!  For as long as I can remember, my dad has […]


Here at Big Spring Farm, we really want to be about helping marriages grow and flourish. In our industry, it can be easy to get distracted by the beautiful, flawless images (which we love) and the just perfect plans we need to carry out and lose sight of the monumental commitment that each couple makes […]

We're Buddy, Jill (Knox, Monroe, Scout, and Sunday) Powers, the owners of Big Spring Farm, and we could not feel more blessed to share our property with so many wonderful couples on one of the most special days of their lives!

Big Spring is the fruition of a dream that started on our own wedding day, in our backyard, at our first farm in the Shanendoah valley. After 11 years as wedding photographers (gah that makes us sound old), all the while running a sustainable livestock farm, we found that our deepest passions lie in caring for the land and celebrating the covenant of marriage. 

9 years ago we found Big Spring and moved our life here. It has been a complete joy to see it become a place where both farm life and beautiful bespoke events happen in harmony. Yes, the farm is our home, but in many ways it's home for all the couples that start the greatest chapter of their life here. We love seeing each unique event come to life at Big Spring and we love that our family gets to play a part in each couples story!


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Nick and Chloe's Classic May Wedding

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The first step to having a seamlessly stress-free wedding day is a great timeline! This guide will give you five tips *AND* two sample timelines to get you started. Cheers to an unforgettable wedding day! 



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