Loving Mamas in the Midst of Struggle

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As I sat down to write our Mother’s day blog post for this week, I struggled to find a true focus on what to share. I thought about sharing some of our favorite images of Mamas, helping their daughter with her dress, pinning on her son’s boutonniere, or witnessing her child take the greatest commitment vows of their life. I thought about sharing real, practical, last minute gift ideas for those hard to shop for mothers, or telling you what a tired, young mom really wants for Mother’s Day (read: spa, nap, coffee). I thought about all these things and then I was reminded of a post I shared on Instagram four years ago.

“These (flowers) are for the Mamas. The Mamas of 30-year-olds and the Mamas of newborns. The grandmas and the aunts, cousins, and neighbors. These are for the Mamas with babies in heaven and the children with Mamas there too. These are for the Mamas that aren’t yet Mamas, the ones with the achy hearts and the empty wombs. The ones longing for their children to arrive, return, or reconcile. Let us cover them in love this weekend. Let us remember their faithfulness. Sending love to all. ”


I wrote this as a new wife remembering the painful stories my mother told me about her Mother’s Days in the midst of infertility.  I thought about the Mother’s Days after my grandma passed away and remembered the underlying sadness I saw in her eyes as we gave her our gifts of books, flowers, or gift cards. My heart really was reaching out to all those who struggle on this day, but deep down, I think it was for her.

Reflecting on this post today, few things have changed. Pain is still a central part of this holiday for so many. Though we can’t do much about it, we can’t take away the pain, we can love the people we know carrying it by acknowledging its existence.

Honestly, I think the greatest gifts are ones that say ” I see you, I hear you, you are loved and you are known. ” It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be from the heart. A single bloom of a friend’s favorite flower. A clean bathroom for an exhausted mom. A phone call to a lonely grandmother.  A brunch date with a childless mother. Simple, but powerful.

Let’s be people that give like that. Let’s give gifts that say, ” I see you.  I see your pain. I see your hard work. I see your aching heart. I see your joy. ”


So, how do we do it?

Action Steps

  1. Ask yourself, who in your life is struggling this Mother’s Day? Write down some names.
  2. What is one simple thing you can do this week for somebody, to say “I see you and I love you”. Write it down.
  3. Make it happen. Right now, send the text, or call the florist. Write the note. Take the first step to making it happen.
  4. Take time today to plan something for your own mother. How can you say, “I see you,  Mom.”?
  5. Pray. Around here, we believe nothing is as powerful as prayer. Ask God to comfort these people right now. Ask Him to show you how you can love them. You may be surprised to see what He tells you!


Y’all this is the kind of stuff that matters! How are you going to love someone for Mother’s Day this week? Leave a comment below. Your action might just inspire someone else! Be bold, it’s worth it every time.

With Joy,

Mary Margaret

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