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Over a month ago we hosted one of the most magical nights at the farm! Of course, nothing can compare to each exceptional wedding we host at Big Spring, but the Summer Supper was a night all in its own class. It was such a fun event and we’re so excited to share it with you today!  Be sure to read to the end for an exciting announcement you won’t want to miss!

We were so honored to have so many friends, from near and far join us for this special night! Past couples, industry friends, local partners and supporters, friends, and family all gathered around the beautifully set table to share a decadent meal. John from CHEFs Catering truly did an exceptional job planning and executing the custom created menu. With herb roasted chicken from the farm, roasted fingerling potatoes, and local vegetables the fare was simply delightful.

Our good friend, Amanda Green of Little Hill Pastries provided us all with a new fan favorite Lemon Posset pie with tomato peach jam in an almond crust.  Not to mention, the wine pairings and perfect music by Burr Datz all finished neatly with lavender from Tantivy.

Our favorite part though? Watching so many people we love to connect with one another. We’ve shared before about the power of coming together at the table. We believe that when people share a meal together, barriers are broken, stereotypes are shattered, and differing opinions are overlooked.  For a moment, unity can be achieved. The Summer Supper was the perfect picture of this. We are so honored that so many people would join us for an evening to celebrate, farm life, good food, natural beauty, and community.  

Special thanks to Ann Beverly Prideaux for capturing the night perfectly!

What people are saying:

“Oh!!! LOVEDDD the Al fresco dining. I’m so glad the weather cooperated! The lightning bugs, string lights, bluegrass… the perfect southern summer supper set up! Also, the lamb during cocktail hour was incredible. The music was top notch and THE PIE! I can’t get over that! I could have eaten the entire thing. Thank you so much for putting this on! What a fun date night!”

“It’s impossible to break the evening into parts. The combination of foods, friends, atmosphere, music, and comrades made for a perfect evening.”

“Truly a memorable evening”

With praise like that, we have no choice but to keep using Big Spring to bring people together for more than weddings. That’s why we are so excited to announce our next event!

Mark your calendars, tickets go on sale, Friday, August 31st!





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