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A lot of our couples are continually inspired by images of past weddings we’ve had at the farm. We get a lot of questions about what props belong to Big Spring, which props couples have brought in themselves, and then how to utilize them. We’ve seen all sorts of creative and original ideas for how to make the indoor and outdoor spaces extra beautiful here at the farm and we want to share them with you! 

Today is our first installment of a new blog series that will cover various ideas for how to make the most of the props we offer. Over the course of the series, we will be sharing pictures from past weddings and inspiration images for the different props we offer.  We’ll address everything from the Trellis, to farm tables, tree stumps, wine barrels and more!

This week we’ll be talking about the ceremony trellis that dresses the ceremony site. The trellis is a beautiful structure made from cherry and cedar tree limbs. It’s a four-legged structure that measures 7 feet high and 7 feet wide that adds depth and focus to the outdoor space. We’ve seen some stunning designs including full flower garlands, simple drapery, elegant greenery, and eclectic hangings. Many couples have left the trellis to its natural look, without adding any additional elements, which is always just as striking. I hope these images are not only helpful but inspiring! 

Our first trellis inspiration is the most natural and organic use of the structure. Christine and Matt decided to let the tree branches and rich texture in the trellis to do all the talking.  

  Sawyer Baird Photography

Sawyer Baird Photography

Next, we have Kaitlyn and Michael who chose simple flowers and white drapery for their ceremony.  We love how these flowers compliment the natural fall beauty of their day!

  Anchor Images

Anchor Images

Here we have another example of how to dress the trellis for your ceremony. Megan and Scott kept it simple by framing the trellis in white drapery and tying it back with a coordinating ribbon. 

  Beth T Photography

Beth T Photography

Santana and Dwight decided on a more dramatic look for the trellis. It is accented with an abundance of white drapery that adds dramatic interest, while the simple greenery keeps it classy and timeless. 

  Zack Arp Photography     Florals by  Petal Flower Company

Zack Arp Photography     Florals by Petal Flower Company

This design may be the most creative we’ve seen! The trellis is decorated with streamer like draping and if you look closely, you can see the small globes, filled with greenery, hanging from the wood!

  Nathan Mitchell Photography

Nathan Mitchell Photography

Lastly,  we have a full floral design that adds beautiful texture and entrance to the trellis. 

  Katelyn James Photography   Florals by  Amanda Veronee

Katelyn James Photography  Florals by Amanda Veronee


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