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Today in our wedding prop series we’ll be sharing some images of the tree stumps that we have on site! These stumps are a natural accent to the already beautiful landscape! The stumps are most frequently used to line the aisle way and add some interest to the walking space, however they can be used in so many other ways to add personal touches to your day!

These first two images today don’t actually have any stumps in it, but we wanted to show you how simply beautiful the aisle can be without additional accents. We say this time and time again, the farm is beautiful on its own and beautiful with decorations! 

This next set of photos shows the use of multiple stumps dressed with beautiful arrangements that compliment the wedding party. We love this elegant, garden-style feel to the ceremony space!

Who says you need florals for everything? Don’t get me wrong, I love  flowers galore, but these images show the stunning natural beauty of bare stumps framing the aisle. The intricacies of each piece of wood seem to tell as story, just as a wedding days tells the story of a sweet couple in love. 

Our last pictures are great pieces of inspiration if you want to add some floral accents, while saving some money. The first image shows simple vases filled with baby’s breath topping the wood. While the second image has potted plants lining the aisle. Both are beautiful and keep in step with the overall look of the rest of the wedding!

All of our images today show the tree stumps being used to line the ceremony aisle. However, that is not where the creativity ends! The stumps could be used to frame the ceremony entrance and welcome guests holding waters, fans, or orders of service. A dessert table can have height and texture when these are used atop a farm table or barrel to display cake, donuts, cupcakes, or utensils. Of course, the size of these particular tree limbs lend themselves well to sitting! We can envision a beautiful kids area on the lawn where children can sit to snack, rest, or color! Or, the wood can create a relaxed place for adult guests to enjoy their cocktails by the water or fire! Ultimately, the possibilities are quite endless and each couple can tailor the trees to reflect the personality of the day!


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