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It is great to have three seasonal businesses, the farm, photography, and the venue that allow us time to visit family and friends, go to conferences, and retreats amidst a slower winter work season. The winter gives us time to take a step back, and look at the previous year at what we loved and what we learned. It gives us time to dream and plan for the coming year, and for that we are grateful. At the same time, there are also many projects that just can not be accomplished during wedding season, often due to their ambitious nature, that become… winter projects. We are so excited to announce our first major winter project realized for 2015… 

We will be installing a new grand entrance at Big Spring Farm! 

After almost a year of working with Rockbridge County and VDOT on plans, permits, and more permits we are so excited to have our new entrance approved and begin construction this month! Here are some quick details:

  1. Big Spring will now have a long, winding driveway that will take guests nearly a 1/4 mile through most of the farm showcasing the complete beauty of the property.
  2. The new driveway will allow access to even more amazing portrait and ceremony locations, with tree lined portions, stunning mountain views from our upper most fields, and views of the entire 10 acre lake.
  3. The new entrance will make Big Spring even easier to find from I-64, by taking exit 50, making your first left on Fredericksburg Road, the new entrance will be the second ingress on the left!

With all the snow we’ve had over the past week, construction has been delayed until the ground thaws, but stay tuned for updates! Also a huge thanks to Ryan Akins, (Annamarie’s husband of Annamarie Photography), our dear friend who helped engineer and draw our site plans for VDOT. Follow us on Instagram (@bigspringva) for live updates on all things venue related. For now, here are a couple shots from our design board to give you a feel for where we are going! 

   Thank you Ryan!

Thank you Ryan!

  A couple design board favorites a la Pinterest

A couple design board favorites a la Pinterest


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